Load Testing

Today's software applications are increasingly intricate, often operating within a multi-layer, multi-platform environment; shaped in rapid and agile conditions, with requirements that are more ambitious than ever. In this complex scenario, software testing becomes even more critical as a means to assure quality and minimize risk, while meeting market and organization's needs.

In this context, AppTest provides a robust and comprehensive testing practice that allows us to identify the quality of software products. Through the unique model, AppTest enhances productivity and increases the communication with the development teams, while presenting significant cost savings.

- Improve overall user satisfaction
- Better applications, less rework
- Optimize use of a dedicated quality team on customer business processes
- Shorter delivery times and optimization of resources
- Real time interaction reduces project life cycle
- Parallel testing efforts (manual, manual/automated, application profile)
- Turnkey full testing life cycle model
- Lower Total Cost of Engagement
- Achieve 100% leverage from day 1

Whether you need ad hoc testing, automated, or just application profiling, our engagement implementation roadmap can address every need from your testing life cycle.

- Test Planning: Test strategy, test objectives & approach.
- Test Analysis & Design: Analyze requirements, make automation decisions, design test cases, design test environments.
- Test Environment: Install HW, SW, test tools and perform a smoke testing.
- Test Implementation: Develop test scripts and create test data.
- Test Execution & Reporting: Execute test cases and test scripts, test report & metrics and defect management.
- Test Completion: Project acceptance, delivery of testware, postmortem.
- Project Management: Tracking and control of testing processes, overall managed testing initiatives.

The AppTest Software Testing Process is a comprehensive methodology for both complete, test life cycles, and phased projects that require specific testing tasks. The building blocks of our service are oriented to a zero defect culture and a push back attitude until the expected benchmark is met, where the most important drivers are quality and make a product ready to market.